I am typing this as I am sitting at my desk at work. My name is Kayla and I work the average 9-5 job in my home town in central New Jersey. I am bored just thinking about it. I love my job and the company that I work for. However, I am looking for more out of my life right now. I am turning 25 in July and I feel young and old at the same time. I have done some traveling in the past as my family is from Portugal and I spent many summers visiting helping on the farm with chickens, milking cows, gathering water from the well. I also have studied abroad in Rome, Italy. Yet, there are a hundred other places I have not stepped foot in that I plan on. I have officially decided that I am giving up the western lifestyle and seeking enlightenment, purity, spirituality, and joy in this world and in my soul. With no set itinerary, going with the flow, take is as it comes. Wherever my wanderlust takes me…


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